Scandal of false drug testing, cases are now being given a right to review

False drug test where it could possibly be in the thousands of innocent parents who have lost there children via adoption/long term foster care or FORCED ADOPTION.  A form is available there also looking at people who could be innocent of certain crimes,the law has been broken and hands have to be held up. Tampering with evidence is illegal offence in the UK and other countries.


via Government Gives Families Right To Challenge Child Protection Orders After Toxicology Scandal

Government Gives Families Right To Challenge Child Protection Orders After Toxicology Scandal


Researching Reform

The government is offering families who may have had their children unjustly removed through the family courts free reviews of their cases, after forensic tests used to detect traces of drugs and alcohol inside people’s systems were called into question. Over 34,000 child custody cases may have been affected.

The Ministry of Justice has offered a court form, which allows families the right to have their cases reviewed free of charge where a toxicology test was carried out. Form C650 , which is called an “Application notice to vary or set aside an order in relation to children (drug and/or alcohol toxicology test after 2010)”, can be used to ask the court to set aside an order made in relation to children, after 2010.

The official statement on the MOJ website sets out families’ rights and explains that there are no fees attached to filing the form.


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England’s Stolen Children – Controversial New Documentary On Forced Adoption

England’s stolen children

Researching Reform

The French media have been fascinated for some time by England’s use of Forced Adoption, as a country very much in the minority in how they apply this controversial approach to vulnerable families. The latest documentary from France on this topic has been produced by France 5 and is called “England’s Stolen Children”. It airs tomorrow evening, 7.40pm UK time. 

The documentary makes several claims which portray Britain’s child protection sector as unethical, lawless and profiteering. Information about the documentary includes contentious language, which we’ve translated below:

“This documentary tells the story of the thousands of children unjustly removed from their families. It chronicles families’ terrifying experiences of children taken at birth, the promise of future removal whilst mothers are pregnant and the threat of removal directed at women who have not yet had children, solely on a suspicion of future harm to the child.

The setting for this documentary…

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Re X (A Child): withdrawal of care order application

Withdrawal of care order


Care and adoption order: appeal out of time

In Re X (A Child) (No 3) [2016] EWHC 2755 (Fam), Sir James Munby P (judgment given on 2 November 2016) was faced with a possible challenge by parents to a care and consequent adoption order. It raises three important procedural points; though first its unusual facts must be considered.

A child (‘X’) was made the subject of a care and placement order in 2013 in respect of metaphyseal fractures said to have caused by one or both parents. Both parents denied injury to their child. They applied to join in adoption proceedings, when issued; but were refused. An adoption order was made. There were no appeals by the parents against any of these orders made in respect of X. The parents were tried in the Crown Court. The case against them was dismissed on a direction by the trial judge after…

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Yes, I’m adopted. Please spare me the L word

Some truth behind adoptions, some are not as lucky 🍀 as people often think.

Pushing on a Rope

On Wednesday, it’ll be National Adoption Awareness Month — the time when I and other adoptees work even harder then usual to dispel all the myths misconceptions around what it’s like to be adopted.

Luck Luck, by 8ShroomFairy8/Flickr

For reasons I’ll never understand, non-adopted people seem to feel they have license to weigh in on the adoptee experience. In my 51 years, I’ve heard any number of ridiculous comments about how I should feel to have been adopted. “Grateful” ranks up there (that pronouncement is often chased with a solemn comment about how glad I must be to have not been aborted. I’ve started to respond to that one with, “I’ll bet you’re grateful you weren’t aborted, too.”).

But my all-time favorite is how “lucky” I am to have been adopted — the idea being I needed a leg up in the world.

Yes, how lucky I am to have been…

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Lucy Eastwood – “A law on the move: Are Local Authorities vicariously liable for abuse committed by foster parents against children in their care?”

I would say both the local authorities and the foster parents should be held accountable. I reblogged this article from a great man and human rights who is well known through his professionalism

UK Human Rights Blog

Supreme Court

“The law of vicarious liability is on the move” proclaimed Lord Phillips in the last judgment he delivered as President of the Supreme Court: Various Claimants v Catholic Child Welfare Society [2012] UKSC 56, (“the Christian Brothers case”). In a judgment recently handed down by the Supreme Court in the case of Armes (Appellant) v Nottinghamshire County Council (Respondent) [2017] UKSC 60, His Lordship has been proved correct.

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