The ‘New’ Section 136

Section 136 mental health act 1963 will come into force March 2018

Mental Health Cop

What follows is the full, amended text of section 136 Mental Health Act 1983, as it will be following a commencement order for the Policing and Crime Act 2017 which will bring it in to effect. It also includes the new sections 136A, 136B and 136C. See related posts for the ‘new’ section 135 and section 138 MHA.

NB! – this is NOT the current law as of 03rd March 2017 – this is the law as it will become, following a commencement order yet to be laid before Parliament. The full Mental Health Act 1983, as it stands today and which will be kept updated once the commencement order takes effect, can be found on the UK Government legislation website.

Section 136 – removal of mentally disordered persons without warrant.

(1) If a person appears to a constable to be suffering from mental disorder and…

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