Is The Council Who Placed Toddler Elsie Liable For Her Murder?

Authorities should be Held accountable “Child protection “ that failed Baby “ Elsie “ just 18 months (Shayla O Brian birth name “) taken at 5 days old.

Researching Reform

The terrible story of Elsie, a toddler killed by her adoptive father, has understandably caused outrage, but a deeper issue lies at the heart of this distressing case which suggests that the council who placed her could be to blame for her death.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, Elsie’s adoptive father, was jailed for life this week with a minimum term of 18 years for murdering the 18-month-old toddler.

Elsie’s biological family fought to take care of Elsie before she was eventually adopted. Her birth grandmother, Sian O’Brien, launched proceedings in the family court to become her legal guardian when she was two months old, but was turned down because social services said she would not be able to cope. Ms O’Brien was already looking after Elsie’s two teenage siblings, and felt that it would be best for the children if they were all together.

There is no indication from any media reports that…

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The ‘New’ Section 136

Section 136 mental health act 1963 will come into force March 2018

Mental Health Cop

What follows is the full, amended text of section 136 Mental Health Act 1983, as it will be following a commencement order for the Policing and Crime Act 2017 which will bring it in to effect. It also includes the new sections 136A, 136B and 136C. See related posts for the ‘new’ section 135 and section 138 MHA.

NB! – this is NOT the current law as of 03rd March 2017 – this is the law as it will become, following a commencement order yet to be laid before Parliament. The full Mental Health Act 1983, as it stands today and which will be kept updated once the commencement order takes effect, can be found on the UK Government legislation website.

Section 136 – removal of mentally disordered persons without warrant.

(1) If a person appears to a constable to be suffering from mental disorder and…

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New Video Bullies Parents Into Complying With Child Protection Professionals

They target young ones of the system “ child protection “

Researching Reform

A new video produced by charity Just For Kids Law, under the pretext that it is trying to support parents going through child protection proceedings is thinly veiled propaganda which includes dangerous child protection advice.

The video, which is just under three minutes long, follows a young girl who was once in care and who now finds herself going through child protection proceedings after becoming pregnant. Whilst the animation is really nothing more than an advertisement for the charity’s legal services, it is the way in which it treats young parents that is so offensive – and so wide of the mark that it amounts to bullying.

Entitled, “If I Could Talk To Me”, the story approaches child protection proceedings as if the mother whose case we’re watching has gone back in time to advise her younger self to do things differently. Right from the start, the assumption that’s being…

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Government Gives Families Right To Challenge Child Protection Orders After Toxicology Scandal


Researching Reform

The government is offering families who may have had their children unjustly removed through the family courts free reviews of their cases, after forensic tests used to detect traces of drugs and alcohol inside people’s systems were called into question. Over 34,000 child custody cases may have been affected.

The Ministry of Justice has offered a court form, which allows families the right to have their cases reviewed free of charge where a toxicology test was carried out. Form C650 , which is called an “Application notice to vary or set aside an order in relation to children (drug and/or alcohol toxicology test after 2010)”, can be used to ask the court to set aside an order made in relation to children, after 2010.

The official statement on the MOJ website sets out families’ rights and explains that there are no fees attached to filing the form.


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Child Care Proceedings Exposed


Child Care Proceedings Exposed

Traffic 2, Inside Child Protection- Watch The Film ABOVE.

Welcome to Child Care Proceedings Exposed. This website has been started by a group of concerned people who have had first-hand experience of child care proceedings. What is happening in family courts all across the country is fundamentally wrong and has no place in English law.

Miscarriages of justice are taking place on a daily basis in secret family courts. Judges, solicitors, barristers, social worker and guardians collude together to remove healthy children from loving parents based on false allegations of harm, or the risk of future emotional harm.

Human rights are being breached on a daily basis.

Article 3 – No torture, inhuman or degrading treatment. The prohibition on torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is one of the most important provisions in the Human Rights Act.

Article 6 – right to a fair hearing. The right to…

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